Investment themes

We invest in product and process innovation aimed at solving the global challenges of the food industry

Shifting diets


Better food and nutrition, at the right price

for more demanding consumers

  • New sources of proteins.
  • Enhanced ingredients, functional foods, science-based nutritional claims.
  • Alternatives to and reduction of fat, sugar, salt and unethical ingredients.
  • Personalised nutrition and quantified nutrition solutions.
  • Microbiome applications.

Trust and Transparency


Customers want to know more

about the product journey

  • Clear label solutions.
  • Smart and sustainable packaging.
  • Timely detection of contaminations and counterfeits.
  • Blockchain applications.

Increase yield and efficiency


Increase food production with existing resource

footprint and lower environmental impact

  • Gene editing applications.
  • Precision agriculture solutions.
  • Indoor farming solutions.
  • Robotics, sensors, and data.

Reduce wasted calories


Reduce food waste in domestic
/ restaurant / retail / production

  • Shelf life extension and monitoring/reduction of spoilage.
  • Smart food packaging / smart logistics.
  • Alternative use of food waste and by-products.
  • Digital marketplaces for food and ingredients.

Our team

We understand you and your business. How to start, grow, finance, acquire or sell an innovative company.
We have done it before.
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Ivan Farneti

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Niccolo Manzoni

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Giancarlo Addario

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Saskia Hoebée

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Louis Magaldi-Charles

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Eleonore Lafonta

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Judith Camarcat

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Dr. Rob Wylie

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Dr. Marco Iotti

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Bettina Aurbach

Entrepreneur in Residence

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Ivana Jelic

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Dr Eloisa Angeles

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