The Nu Co

The Nu Co: the next generation snacking company tackling the confectionary industry’s 3 key challenges: sugar, plastic, and CO2 emissions


The Nu Co flagship products, its chocolate bars, rely on 65% less sugar than your average snack bar and are enhanced with healthy fats thanks to omega-3 and amino acids-rich hemp seeds and nuts. These build up your anti-inflammatory system and improve muscle building, all the while offering long-lasting satiety. Eating chocolate without the guilt… sounds like a dream come true….?


And things get even tastier because chocolate bars are just the beginning. The company today has 3 product lines that are all challenging a popular sweet snack with a better alternative: Nu+Cao (the chocolate, our favourite), Nu+Move (fitness food, including vegan protein bars), and Nu+Flow (functional food, like seed bars). The team continues to add new flavours and SKUs within these lines and, on top of that, creates trendy seasonal products (like the sustainably sourced easter bunny that sold out in 2 days). Keep on snacking!


On top of taste and nutrition, the NuCo keeps ticking the boxes off the demanding millennials’ list. In addition to all packaging being made of 100% home-compostable foil, the company also plants 1 mangrove tree (known for its ability to store carbon) for every bar purchased. Their ultimate target is to plant 1 billion trees by 2030, and already 4 million have been planted so far!