Just Legends

Just Legends is a gamer-centric DNVB, that develops supplements and fortified food product that support gamers’ health while providing a boost to their performance, and then helps in the wind-down phase post gaming


35% of the 2.7bln esport players and gamers worldwide who purchase food especially for the gaming occasion, look for convenience, taste and a mental energy boost and concentration to continue playing. The most consumed foods (that can be consumed with one hand and don’t spill too much over the keyboard or game controllers) are pizza, potato chips, and energy drinks. It is therefore of no surprise that with the increasing popularity of esports and gaming, health concerns about its players are on the rise.


Opportunities for better food products in the space are therefore ample: think about ingredients that protect eyesight from extensive exposure to blue light, hydration products that help recover the body after a tough sessions, and products that enhance performance without excessive amounts of sugar or taurine. Just Legends taps into their needs by providing appealing products that support a healthier lifestyle while boosting performance. Add on top of that a stellar team with proven execution skills in digital native food brands, and a new Legend may be born.