How we work

We Invest in


  • Technology companies across the food value chain
  • European entrepreneurs with international ambition – we will consider companies outside of Europe
  • Companies with high growth potential, largely proven technology and early commercial traction (Series A or Series B) – we will consider pre-revenue companies with outstanding potential (Seed)
  • €2-4m as first investment, in exchange for a significant minority, ideally as part of a syndicate with other value-add investors; we can invest up to €12m in each company
  • We invest only in equity or equity-like instruments

Our Value Added


  • Out team brings 40+ years of cumulative venture capital experience, 10+ of Food and Ag investing and 30+ of food industry operations
  • We provide access to our food and agriculture industry & technology network – we roll up the sleeves to help our companies find business development opportunities, talent, further financing and M&A opportunities
  • We expect to have a seat on the Board of Directors and play an active role in the governance and growth of our companies
  • We believe on investing with a purpose and will report annually on Environmental, Social and Governance Impact of our companies
  • We are long term investors and will work with our companies to create lasting value of the business for an exit
  • We are backed by strategic and financial investors who can provide access to business and financing opportunities
  • We do not panic – we have seen a lot and we know that the path from A to B is rarely a straight line

Fields of Expertise


  • Food Science & Nutrition
  • Industrial food scale up
  • Food packaging
  • Material Science
  • Food distribution
  • Food regulations
  • Closed systems
  • Consumer Internet
  • Enterprise Saas
  • Environment & Sustainability