Her1’s flagship SKU is called Inner Beauty: a vegan, gluten free and 100% natural powder blend made of locally sourced whole foods and containing specific probiotic strains and prebiotic inulin to feed the gut microbiome to make you feel (and even look) at your best. Customers can mix the powder into a food of their choice such as smoothies, yoghurt or water. her1 worked hard on the packaging to preserve the fragile probiotic strains, as well as their beautiful looking glass and accessories.


Her1’s vision is to become the leading digital health impact company dedicated to female well-being. The brand accompanies women throughout different stages of life by providing a variety of safe, natural and sustainable wellness & care products. With over >25k engaged followers on Instagram, more than 54k loyal recurring customers and 100% of its sales direct-to-consumer, and double-digit MoM growth rates, the company is well under way.


On top of that, the New Product Development pipeline is full of science-backed, on-trend products to expand into multiple target areas – like recently launched Gut One, convenient capsules that make it even easier to prioritize one’s microbiome, especially with the subscription function. And expect to see many more.