The State of European Food Tech 2018


Five Seasons Ventures, in partnership with, published the first quantitative snapshot of innovation and value creation in the European Food Tech market. This is an analytical tool we use to track Food Tech trends and spot investment opportunities, as well as a way to communicate that there is a massive opportunity in Europe in Food Tech. The report was launched at Future Food Tech in London, on October 18, 2018 and is available for download at


Food Tech unicorns in Europe and USA

In the past five years, Europe produced 9 Food Tech unicorns(aka companies with a valuation of at least 1 billion). These unicorns are worth a combined €30Bversus €43Bcreated by 10 American enterprises. All 9 European unicorns were in the Food Delivery segment.




Invested capital and impact

In Europe, €6.5B of venture capital was invested in Food Tech companies since 2013. The total capital invested in the top 5 European Food Tech unicorns since 2013 was €3.1B and the combined value of those companies today is €21B, or a 7x multiple on the capital invested. Overall, the Food Delivery subsegment only represents 1% of the total food retail market and we are excited about the next generation of Food Tech companies.




Food Tech 2.0

The ‘next generation’ of food tech entrepreneurs are focusing on the 99% of the food value chain, reinventing agriculture, food production and consumption. The 2018 venture investments in the next generation of Food Tech leaders is estimated at €1B.




The State of European Food Tech 2018 is available for download at


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